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I never post, but I am pleased with this dentist and a good dentist is hard to find. SO hard, that I used to go to Tennessee to use my parents dentist when I needed one, but that guy retired.

My wife and I are new to the area. She used these guys a few weeks ago and I used them this morning at 7am. Everyone there was a little too happy for 7am, but that's just me. They have all the state of the art equipment. Something else I like is they gave me a quote for a procedure I had done a couple of years ago elsewhere and the price here was better.

I just felt like the dentist knew what he was doing, and his staff was very professional. We found our dentist and if I ever have to move to the other side of town I will keep this guy. A dentist you can trust and feel confident about isn't always easy to find. This is a keeper.

S.S. 1/6/16

Even though I've moved to the other side of town since my first visit, I choose them over anyone else because of the quality of their service. The team members are friendly, attentive, and always make sure to tell you what to expect.

If there is a promotion available for a service you want and you didn't mention having a coupon for it, Grogan's Mill Dental is the kind of business that will let you know about it by circling the applied discount on your receipt. I never got that used car salesman feeling with them which can get annoying real quick.

In terms of comfort, I can say based on my previous experience with other dentists, that they do everything within their power to make sure you don't ever get the feeling that someone is hacking away at your gums. Thinking back to my first visit, they were not only gentle but also honest about the numbers announced when checking how well my teeth were doing.

I've had a deep cleaning with them about 8 months ago and was impressed by how thorough and professional they were. After the treatment ended, I asked about Invisalign and was referred to a reputable orthodontist because they weren't offering this service at the time.

There had been times when I've had to reschedule and flexibility on their end was not an issue. Other times, when I lived a short distance away from their location, they'd call me after an appointment was cancelled asking if I wanted to go during that client's time instead.

Goes without saying that their facility uses the latest equipment and is as sterile as they come, otherwise I wouldn't bother driving almost an hour dealing with Downtown traffic to get to my appointments. They're worth the effort.

That said, I'll continue going to Grogan's Mill Dental so long as I am still in Houston or close to it. :)

Yonis K. 11/13/15

Last month I went to another dentist for a new patient exam and it was a nightmare. Nothing like my previous experiences at the dentist, which were always pleasant.

Today, I went for a new patient appointment here and it was a dream.

The only reason I came in today was because my boyfriend had gone in the morning for his own exam and had mentioned my previous experience to them. He was so happy with his experience here that he scheduled an appointment for me for next week before leaving. They actually called him back at 11am and told him their 11:30 canceled and that they could see me today if I could make it, so we went for it!

It was what I had experienced with my previous dentist years ago. They started my appointment on time. The hygienist was friendly, gentle, calm, and patient. She explained everything to me as she was going along without any rush. The dentist was kind and did more than shove a "cavity finder" at my teeth.

My teeth were fawned over...apparently they really loved my opaque enamel! Is that a thing dentists dream about? I don't know, but it made me feel good! Their prices are very reasonable and they're quite accommodating. They took the time to write down the cost for each treatment so I knew what to expect. No crazy estimates from a sales guy or end of the world scenarios like I received at the other place.

They were so sweet that I'm actually looking forward to my follow-up appointment next week!

Fyza H. 3/4/15

If you're like me you dread going to the dentist, well fear no more. From start to finish, the friendly staff at Grogan's Mill Dental will make you feel at ease and right at home.

The receptionist knows how to process a claim on your insurance, not to mention they take just about every insurance out there.

The hygienist knows their stuff too, I had a very thorough cleaning that took longer than usual (I was way overdue) and was very impressed by how dedicated she was at making sure the job was done right.

In addition, I brought the complimentary teeth whitening coupon in being a new patient and again was impressed with receiving free custom molds and whitening gel.

Now I have a great smile and look forward to my six month visit since I want to keep these pearlies white!

Amy H 2/20/14

The staff at grogans mill is very friendly and informative. Everything was explained thoroughly, and my questions answered. I would recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.

Diane H. 1/22/15

From the calling and making a new patient appointment to checking out after my visit, I was very impressed with the professionalism and care I received at Grogan's Mill Dental. My daughter and I both went for our initial visits and were treated very well. The front office verified my insurance quickly and had a full explanation of my benefits for me. The hygienist was very thorough and educational and really seemed to care about her patients. Dr Ferguson was very professional and pleasant and he also seemed to really care for his patients. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Laura G. 2/9/15

Great office and knowledgeable staff!

I had a filling replaced. I received a shot and I felt nothing. Dr. Ferguson was very comforting & explained each step of the procedure. I had the filling placed by another dentist a year ago. However, the new filling by Dr. Ferguson was done perfectly, A+. I give him my highest recommendation. Additionally, I received a deep dental cleaning from his hygienist, Erika. She was very pleasant and extremely thorough.

Steph C. 1/26/15

The dentist is caring and highly qualified. They have provided services ranging from teeth cleaning, to broken tooth and crown restorations. All of the services have been better than any other provider. The staff is efficient and knowledgeable. The facility is sparkling clean, with the latest technology equipment. The equipment helps with making treatments less painful.

Karen S. 10/22/15

I am very thankful to have found Grogans Mill Dental. When I called to make an appointment for me and my three kids, I was greeted with a very knowledgable and friendly person who could answer all my questions about my insurance plan. The doctor and assistant were friendly and professional. My kids were able to all get in for their 6 month checkups all in the same day!

As far as myself, I had not been to the dentist in several years so I was very nervous about going. The doctor spent a lot of time with me showing me areas of concern with both xrays and pictures. I was not pressured at all to do anything but instead given a detailed summary of what I needed and how much my insurance would cover and how much my copay would be.

The office itself was very clean and orderly. Its in an older shopping center but totally redone inside and nicely decorated. The locations is very convenient and easy to get to with designated parking right in front of the office.

Overall a very good experience and I will be recommending this office to my friends and family.

Ann A. 9/12/15

"I have to say I am so glad to have found Grogan's Mill Dental. I have been bringing my children there for a year now. When I bring them for their appointments, we never have to wait. They have before and after school appointments and can always get us in. It is a family friendly office and my kids actually don't dread going!

The hygienist spends time with my kids at their checkup appointments to make sure they know how to floss properly. Dr. Ferguson has a lot of experience, which is comforting. The front desk really knows how my insurance works! Overall, a good experience for the past year."

Kari A. 1/25/15

I recently found this office through my insurance and was very pleasantly surprised. When I made the appointment, they asked for my insurance information and had it all verified by the time I got there. The hygienist was very thorough and spent a lot of time with me. When the doctor came in for the exam, he was very professional. He and the hygienist discussed with me the treatment I needed and by the time I got to the front desk, they had my treatment plan printed showing me what my insurance was estimated to pay and what my portion was for each needed visit. This is a very professional and efficient office. I appreciate the fact that they open at 7am and stay open during lunch hours. I was not given any sales pitches. I was only told what I needed and that was it. I made appointments for my husband and three kids as well!

Ashley H. 1/25/15

Highly recommend Dr. Ferguson and Grogan's Mill Dental. Very ethical and professional. My husband and I were both highly satisfied. We moved here recently and it has been hard to sift through the corporations and high priced dental offices. We are very happy we found Grogan's Mill Dental!

Elizabeth M. 8/31/14

I finally have found a dentist I can trust! The front office knows everything about dental insurance and gives very accurate estimates. The dental hygienist was very thorough and explained everything to me. Dr Ferguson has a lot of experience and I felt very comfortable getting my dental work done. Their treatment of new patients is amazing and I will tell everyone I know to come to this office!

Marie F. 6/18/14

Dr Ferguson is a very experienced and ethical dentist! I went to him for a second opinion only to find out I didn't need all the work my previous dentist told me I needed. I am so glad I found Grogans Mill Dental and will definitely continue to see Dr Ferguson for all my dental needs.

Kathy J. 12/13/13
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